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Bard Catheters

Intermittent catheters are used to manage bladder drainage. We offer a wide range of materials, coatings and lengths to meet your specific needs.

Cure Catheters

Although Cure Medical intermittent catheters function like others, they offer unique features which translate into benefits that users value.

Coloplast Catheters

There are many male catheter options. Your healthcare provider will help find the best fit for you physically and to fit your lifestyle.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

DEXCOM Monitoring System

Dexcom monitor system
Manage your diabetes without fingersticks. A small, wearable sensor and transmitter sends your glucose numbers to a smart device† or receiver every 5 minutes. It's easy to wear and easy to use.

Freestyle Libre Reader

Check your glucose levels with a painless,1 one-second scan using a smartphone

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